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Small Holder Avocado Program

Ntandix started in July 2020 with an aim of economically empowering the
avocado small holders around Eastern and Central Uganda by
developing a sustainable supply of quality avocados through improved
agronomic practices technical assistance and improved market access.


Economic empowerment

This targets a result of additional steady income twice a year to the individual farmers, their household groups and eventually strengthening the country’s economy.

Ntandix partnership with small holder farmer for the long term and securing an economic future for the generation to come.
It is designed to work closely with schools and other learning institutions to introduce commercial agricultural to the younger generation at an early age seemed a noble idea at the inception of this program and believe it still remains as such if not more responding.
The program is set to work directly with farmers and connecting them
to the market thus enabling the same farmers to get money directly in the
past middle men have continued to service the avocado sector and
benefited from it at the expense of farmers.

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Extension Services

We have demonstrated our commitment to this initiative, we have established a small holder department headed by senior project manager and extension
officers who run the day to day affairs of the small holders. The extension officers are allocated and divided to zones regularly visiting the farmers, handling their day inquiries. Further, field extension officers are available to cover country wide when required.


Farmers’ capacity building is carried out through organized training on
good agricultural practices in conduction with other training partners.
Farmers are also trained on good awareness on safe use of pesticides and
the food safety requirement for fruits.
Training is carried out at both the farmer’s location and practically on our
established farms.



We are committed to closely work with the younger generation farmers,
groups and institutions to continue to see the success this program.
The epitome of this program will be when there is enough competition
between the different players in the avocado field with translated improved income to the small holder, prompt payments and a booming country economy. Farmers are also trained in correctly setting up their orchards including spacing, orientation and planting.
We also provide health and well maintained avocado seedlings at a credit
and free to our registered farmers when available.

Ntandix is an organic company based in Uganda, East Africa that is helping farmers adopt growing and marketing of Hass avocado through giving all support to farmers.


Plot 25, Kutch Road, Jinja City Uganda, East Africa
Phone: +256-200905404
Whatsapp: +256-200905404

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